Kiribati nationals: National Consultant for short term support

Climate Analytics
Position Type: 
Experience Level: 
Mid-Level (5-7 Years)
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)
Apply By: 
25 October 2020

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Green Climate Fund (GCF) pilot program to provide technical advisory services for the preparation of GCF Country Programmes

The GCF provides technical advice to help countries conduct independent, relevant, and high-quality analyses of climate change risks and the adaptation and mitigation opportunities facing each country. For achieving this purpose, the GCF has hired the Consortium. The consortium consists of Climate Analytics (CA), Centre for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and supports designated national authorities in selected countries in the process of designing and updating their national programs to request GCF support.

The services requested by Kiribati are all being delivered by Climate Analytics. Due to travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, in-country missions to Kiribati will not be possible during the duration of this project. Therefore, there is a need for a national consultant who can provide support to the project ‘on the ground’ to ensure the technical services are developed in collaboration with the right stakeholders, and the outputs are explained effectively to the end-users.

The services that will be delivered are:

  • Climate Change Risk Profile – This service will identify climate hazards and areas of vulnerability in Kiribati. These hazards will also be projected to identify future risks based on 2030, 2050, and 2080 global warming scenarios.
  • Macroeconomic Risk Assessment – This service will assess the sectoral economic risks due to historical changes in climate in Kiribati, and estimate future risks based on global warming scenarios in 2030, 2050 and 2080
  • Vulnerability Analysis – Building on the data Kiribati has collected through the Integrated Vulnerability Assessment process, this service will bring together climate change projection, which highlights areas of exposure to climate change impacts in Kiribati, with the community vulnerability data collected under IVA.

About this position

You are responsible for providing on the ground support to the Climate Analytics team and the NDA to ensure effective delivery of the services by identifying stakeholders, coordinating meetings and trainings, and explaining the outputs of the services (reports, tools, etc) to the appropriate government ministries and departments.

You will be tasked with the following:

  • Identifying relevant stakeholders for the different services
  • Coordinating meetings, consultations, and training sessions
  • Explaining services and tools to relevant stakeholders (specifically government ministries/departments etc) in an understandable way
  • Helping to transfer data, tools, and services to relevant agencies and stakeholders in Kiribati
  • Liaising with related projects (e.g. Strategic Framework and Country Programme project) to ensure coordination of activities

Your profile

You will ideally have the following qualifications and Skills:

  • You have a Post-graduate degree in environmental or social sciences (economy, public administration, international relations, public policy, finance, or related areas)
  • You have at least 5 years’ experience in development cooperation and/or climate change and/or administration and public policies
  • You speak English at a high level. Additionally, speaking Te Taetae ni Kiribati would be favourably considered
  • You are experienced with high-level management and have proven leadership skills;
  • You have the ability to coordinate with different stakeholders, and have strong networks at different levels of Kiribati’s public and private sector;
  • You have excellent research skills’;
  • You have proven analysis and communication skills, both oral and written;
  • You have a very good ability to work in a team;
  • You can communicate complex concepts and prepare clear, concise and meaningful presentations;
  • You have experience in the coordination of multidisciplinary and intercultural teams;
  • You have expert knowledge of virtual communication platforms (Skype, Zoom, Microsoft teams, amongst others.)


Application Deadline: 25 October 2020
Starting date: As soon as possible
Location: Tarawa, Kiribati
Terms: Fixed term Consultant contract for 40 days
Requirements: Must currently reside in Kiribati and be able to demonstrate that s/he is legally entitled to work in Kiribati

Please apply with your CV, cover letter, a list of three references, and evidence of two previous completed consultancies (indicate the scope of work and value of consultancy) in PDF format by 25 October 2020 and indicate in your cover letter your earliest start date and your remuneration expectations.

Please apply exclusively using the application form. Applications by email or by post can unfortunately not be processed.

For further information, send your questions via email to

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