Climate Change and Water Adaptation Specialist

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Alinea International
Home-Based / Remote
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Private Sector
Experience Level: 
Mid-Level/Senior (8-9 Years)
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)
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Climate Change and Water Adaptation Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct sub-regional water assessments to identify priorities to produce more food per drop of water and ‘no-regrets’ strategies to make GMS agricultural systems resilient to impacts of climate change.
  • Identify soil management strategies to promote carbon sequestration and retention of water and nutrients in a changing climate as well as provide technical support for mainstreaming water and soil management related adaptation measures into development plans and sector policies.
  • Train government staff on water accounting in various climate change scenarios to prioritize climate-adaptive water management options in agriculture.
  • Conduct workshops on water and soil data collection systems, and community- based early warning systems to cope with floods and droughts in agriculture.
  • Conduct studies on climate-smart soil, water management practices and identify opportunities for scaling them up in selected river basins, while providing technical inputs and feedback to assessments, methodologies and knowledge-products, as well as evaluate, document and disseminate good practices from demonstrations at farm, system and strategic levels.


  • A master’s degree in agronomy, water resources or related fields;
  • Recent experience working for ADB;
  • At least 8 years of experience in adaptation to climate change in the water sector and soil management in the Asia-Pacific region.