Kyrgyzstan nationals: National Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
International Organization
Experience Level: 
Senior (10+ Years)
Degree Required: 
Advanced Degree (Master's or JD)


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment


The technical assistance (TA) will support implementation of KGZ: Naryn Rural Water Supply and
Sanitation Development Program (Results-Based Lending Program) (“program”). The TA will provide
technical advisory support to Department for Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage Development (DDWSSD) and
Community Development and Investment Agency (ARIS) deliver the program outcomes, specifically for
implementing and monitoring of the Program Action Plan (PAP), third party technical auditor, as well as
procurement action plans, safeguards, and fiduciary monitoring.

The objective of the assignment is to strengthen the capacity of ARIS in the technical design criteria
for water supply and sanitation works. The support will enhance ARIS’ awareness in technical auditing
and control. The audits will establish whether tender and construction procedures, workmanship and
materials used for execution of the works are in accordance with those specified in the contract
documents and adhere to international best practices. The audits shall provide technical advice to
DDWSSD, ARIS and the contractors to ensure quality of the civil works and recommend measures to be taken
to avoid/reduce delays in civil work implementation. The goal is to assist the ARIS with ensuring that
the program works are implemented in an efficient way, in compliance with all the required documents, on
time and in accordance with the schedules, and to the appropriate quality. This will be done by: (i)
helping ensure that the project is properly managed by the ARIS; (ii) that the program consultants are
effectively managed by the ARIS and their work conforms with the requirements of their TOR; and, (iii)
by examining the quality of works, and checking to independently audit compliance with quality norms and
performance criteria as described in the contract’s specifications. A secondary objective is to act as
an advisor to ARIS to advise them on successfully implementing the program.

Scope of Work


The consultant will provide support to ARIS to develop recommendations to improve the existing design
criteria and construction methodology being adopted by ARIS in their programs, and advise the most
appropriate approach to be used for the RBL program. The consultant will conduct technical audit of
water supply subprojects on sample basis and develop awareness of RBL program in technical auditing and
enable its staff to better monitor and report on the progress of implementation of the program against
the performance targets and indicators.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output


The consultant will undertake the following tasks but not limited to:

(i) collect baseline data, and document methodology, to confirm program performance indicators and
targets to ensure DDWSSD and ARIS accurately establish baseline and subsequent progress reporting
against the annual DLIs;
(ii) review DDWSSD and ARIS’ program progress reports against the program disbursement-linked indicators
(DLIs), including non-DLIs, the extent of the program DLI achievement (e.g., either partial or full);
and ensure the implementation, monitoring and reporting on the PAP, program results framework, and risk
mitigating measures as well as compliance with legal covenants;
(iii) assist ARIS prepare Master Bidding Documents (MBD), based on ADB’s harmonized standard bidding
documents (SBD) for procurement of goods and works including as needed the following;
a. preparation of bidding documents for the first works contract;
b. evaluation of tenders for the first works contract;
c. review and suggestions for the bid evaluation report for the first works contract; and
d. contract negotiations with contractors;
(iv) assist ARIS prepare a master request for proposals (RFP) for selection of consultants (firms) based
on ADB’s harmonized RFP including
a. preparation of expression of interest;
b. preparation and/or review detailed engineering design consultants’, and construction supervision
consultants TORs;
c. evaluation of the first selection of consultancy services (firm); and
d. contract negotiations with consulting firms;
(v) assist ARIS to adopt standard bidding documents and procurement best practices and ensuring that all
procurement staff receive training on relevant technical (regulations, procedures, and preparation of
technical documents by engaging experienced design consultants) and ethical aspects of procurement in
accordance with the approved program procurement manual;
(vi) review design consultants’ outputs and the contractors’ proposed construction methodology,
including operation and maintenance regimes, and recommend improvements, as needed;
(vii) advise DDWSSD and ARIS to make sure that the amount of the eligible expenditures under the program
for any fiscal year is equal to or exceeds the loan proceeds withdrawn (“eligible expenditures” means
part of the expenditures incurred under the program, excluding any expenditures for (a) procurement of
works, goods, and services from countries which are not members of ADB; (b) procurement of goods, works,
and services from persons or entities debarred or suspended by ADB; (c) procurement involving high-value
contracts; (d) any activities which are classified as category A for environment impact under ADB’s
Safeguards Policy Statement 2009 (SPS); and (e) any activities which are prohibited investment
activities provided in Appendix 5 of the SPS);
(viii) review the program procurement system, multi-year procurement action plan, program procurement
manual implementation and recommend changes for discussion with the DDWSSD, ARIS and ADB;
(ix) provide inputs for integrated risks assessments and other reporting needs as may be required to
support ADB missions as requested; and
(x) assist DDWSSD and ARIS in furnishing to ADB, and the independent third party engaged under a
separate ADB-financing product, relevant information, data, and materials as specified in the
disbursement-linked indicator verification protocols.

Minimum Qualification Requirements


The consultant shall have a graduate degree in civil engineering, water and wastewater engineering or
other area relevant to the assignment with at least 10 years work experience in design, supervision, and
management of water supply and sanitation civil works in the Kyrgyz Republic. The consultant must have a
background appropriate to the tasks set out above including experience with international development
agencies, in project, asset and risk management for urban and rural water supply and sanitation
infrastructure. Must be fluent in English.