WASH Coordinator for Emergency Team

Madrid, Spain
Position Type: 
Organization Type: 
NGO/Civil Society
Experience Level: 
Junior (3-4 Years)
Degree Required: 
Bachelor's (Or Equivalent)
Languages Required: 
Spanish and French


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit organization created in 1979. Its goal is to combat hunger and dangerous situations that threaten men, women and children. Currently 500 expats and more than 5,000 employees are working for Action Against Hunger in more than forty-six countries working in projects concerning four areas of focus: Nutrition & Health, Food Security & Livelihoods, Water Sanitation & Hygiene and Emergency Response.


The objective of the Operations Department is to provide an agile and quality response to vulnerable populations, as well as to affect the root causes of their vulnerability and the policies, through analysis and mobilization of public opinion, donors and politicians.

The department leads the response to new challenges in the fight against hunger by adapting its response (strategic approaches, emergency responses, management etc.) to new contexts, enhancing synergies with other departments, headquarters and with complementary actors.

The macro objectives of the Operations Department are:

  • Improve access in conflict-affected countries to allow adequate provision of services to beneficiaries, with better risk management and control.
  • More effective interventions, with structures adapted to the local context and in line with the international strategy.
  • Increase long-term and lasting solutions against hunger.

Within the Operations Department, the Emergency Pool team objectives are:

  • Emergency response in case of sudden crises or slow tract.
  • Support for the design of emergency proposals using emergency funds.
  • Disaster preparedness (design and implementation of response plans).
  • Analysis and exploration of new countries and / or intervention contexts.
  • Creation of tools and emergency training.
  • Technical support for missions (according to terms of reference).
Las principales actividades que desempeñaras son las siguientes:


With the emergency team, contributes to:

  • Coordinate, support and guide the organization, optimize resources and ensure maximum impact of our interventions and emergency strategy, in accordance with our objectives.
  • Have reliable data (quantitative and qualitative) that allow us to assess the need for an intervention. Providing the necessary information for decision making.
  • Determine the severity of the emergency situation, ensuring that the response is adapted to the needs of the population.
  • Define strategic intervention priorities and formulate an action plan, determining the necessary resources.


Goal 1: Monitoring and early warning

  • Monitors the humanitarian situation of the assigned geographical areas (focal point).
  • Identifies, updates and capitalizes the sources of information (direct and / or indirect) about WASH.
  • Contributes to the drafting and dissemination of humanitarian crisis reports.

Goal 2: Disaster Preparedness

  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in the WASH area between missions and the organization's global emergency response system.
  • Leads the implementation and / or update of contingency plans in missions.
  • Attends to training and provide training related to the WASH area.
  • Designs, capitalizes and update tools for emergency interventions in the WASH area.
  • Contributes to the proper management of the agreements and / or emergency projects of Action Against Hunger, actively participating in their identification, formulation, planning, implementation and reporting.

Goal 3: Emergency Contexts

  • Pre-deployment phase: contact with actors related to WASH areas in the field; capitalization and dissemination of the information in the field; WASH briefing to the other members of the Emergency Pool.
  • Start-up of emergency interventions:
    • Identify priority areas of intervention, vulnerable population and uncovered needs.
    • Define concept paper and projects to respond to the emergency.
    • Start emergency activities and equipment selection.
    • Start a context and project monitoring system.
    • Facilitate the transfer of competences and / or contribute to the definition of an exit strategy.
    • Actively contribute to field safety analysis and provide recommendations.
  • Coordination:
    • Coordinate the activities with the other members of the emergency pool and with the other actors involved in the field of WASH.
    • Support the Country Director (or Emergency Coordinator) in representing ACH before donors.
    • Communication and coordination with the technical department
  • Capitalization:
    • Capitalize relevant information on the emergency and the intervention developed.
    • Make a critical analysis of the intervention in WASH that includes recommendations and suggestions for future interventions (presented at the end of the field mission).

Goal 4: Exploratory Missions

  • Identification process: group and review the available information; displacement and recognition of the area; get a overall picture of the crisis situation; identify needs and definition of the main areas of intervention.
  • Information analysis: establish the severity of the problem; define the intervention strategy; draw conclusions and recommendations; formulate an action plan; develop concept notes and proposals for donors; and capitalize all information collected and analyzed.

Goal 5: Support ongoing missions

  • Support ongoing programs that require reinforcement in human resources; in the execution of the programs; in the design of the intervention strategy in WASH; in the definition of concept notes and projects.
  • Coordination along with other members of the mission; with the actors involved in the area in the field of WASH; with the technical department.

Goal 6: Technical Development

  • Support the transversal projects of the annual headquarters programming.
  • Preparation of articles for publication.
  • Development of tools and technical reference documents for emergency field equipment.
  • Identify topics to develop research work.
  • Contribute, as necessary, to the execution, monitoring, revision, translation, validation and management of the conventions, activations and / or emergency projects of Action Against Hunger and its missions, including from proposals to final reports
Esta descripción encaja contigo?
  • Training related to the Engineering field or other technical university degree (science, environment ...).
  • Knowledge of the applicable administrative-financial and logistical procedures, of the emergency responses and of the different coordination and humanitarian response mechanisms both at the level of NGOs, UN Agencies, main emergency donors (ECHO, UN agencies, Spanish among others).
  • Knowledge in humanitarian reform; in the operation of humanitarian coordination platforms; in monitoring the commitments of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS); 2030 Agenda; Sphere Standard; Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS).
  • Desirable knowledge of monetary transfer projects and ACH procedures.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience with NGOs in coordination or technical advice positions.
  • Work experience in humanitarian crises, in exploratory missions, in training and in Rapid Evaluations.
  • Experience with NGOs in positions of responsibility in WASH projects and emergency responses.
  • Ability to analyze both context and rapid decision making; tensile strength, flexibility, adaptation.
  • Advanced user knowledge in office tools (Word, Excel, PPT), data collection platforms (ODK, KOBO, etc.), statistical analysis tools (SPHINX, SPSS, etc.), data analysis tools (PowerBI).
  • Languages: Spanish, French and English.
  • Mobility: position based on the headquarters of Action Against Hunger in Madrid with a high degree of mobility; Availability to go to the mission in 24-48h without prior notice. Deployment of up to 2-3 months on the ground.Field presence ratio: desirable 50%, but it can reach up to 75%.
  • Valuable commitment to Gender Equality through previous experience in issues related to the promotion of gender equality or personal commitment to gender equality.
  • Physical and psychological resistance necessary.
Nuestro paquete retributivo:
  • Incorporation in a multicultural, professional and innovative organization and the opportunity to participate in projects of high social impact.
  • Professional career adapted to the candidate where talent and motivation are recognized.
  • Continuous training on technical abilities and soft competencies.
  • Contract: 2 years.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Meal vouchers.
  • Access to flexible compensation plans (medical insurance, transportation, kindergarten vouchers).
  • Conciliation between personal and work life, with flexible schedules, intensive working, working from home.
  • 25 working days of paid leave per year.