Programme Manager Cross-border WASH-DRR Tajikistan-Afghanistan

Mission Ost (Mission East)
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NGO/Civil Society
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Not Specified


Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Job description – in short: 

Mission East is in search of a qualified and enthusiast manager for her ongoing cross-border WASH and DRR programme in Tajikistan-Afghanistan.

You will be based at Mission East’s office in Dashtak, Khalaikhumb in Tajikistan, close to the border with Afghanistan. From there you are expected to regularly visit our activities in Nusai, Afghanistan. Monthly you will be expected to attend management meetings at our office in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

The objectives of the position are:

  1. Provide more than 20,000 people with sustainable and hygienic water and sanitation systems;
  2. Realise improved health and hygienic practices in the targeted communities;
  3. Implement DRR mitigation measures, both the soft and hard components, and
  4. Support advocacy for inclusive DRR on up to national level.

Our organization

Mission East is a Danish relief and development organization. Our mission is to help vulnerable populations, support their capacities to organize and assist themselves, through activities ranging from disaster relief to development assistance.

As well as direct implementation, our organization works with and through local and international partners in order to enhance the relevance, impact and sustainability of our programmes.

The organizational values that we strive for are: honesty, integrity, compassion, valuing the individual, and respect for all people.

We currently have offices and programmes in: Afghanistan, DPR Korea, Iraq, Nepal and Tajikistan. In addition, we support programmes in Armenia and Myanmar .

Our WASH-DRR programme

The primary objective of our WASH-DRR programme in Tajikistan is to improve the quality of life of local communities by reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases and by strengthening their disaster risk reduction measures. To effectively fight water borne diseases we apply a three-fold approach: we construct 1) village water supply systems and 2) public and household latrines and 3) we intensively promote improvement of individual hygienic practices.  To strengthen the communities’ resilience against disasters we focus on two elements: 1) building local capacity to respond to and mitigate natural hazards, and 2) promote for inclusive DRR through awareness-raising and local and national level advocacy.


We work with a demand-driven approach in which participation of, and contribution by communities is essential. With regard to WASH the international SPHERE standards are our quality guideline. With regard to DRR the Sendai Framework is guiding. Your objectives under this ongoing 2.5M€ programme will be to:

  1. Build water systems and latrines in Afghanistan and Tajikistan
  2. Train same communities on improved health and hygiene practices
  3. Develop community-based DRR measures
  4. Supervise the works by sub-contractors of the retrofitting of three schools and the building of 1 school in Tajikistan
  5. Build a series of small and medium scale disaster mitigation works

Key characteristic of our programme is the cross-border element. You will be responsible for organizing cross-border training, visit and collaboration with regard to WASH and DRR, in order to support cross-national communication and stabilization in this border area of Tajikistan and Afghanistan.


Your position in our team

You will be managed by our Country Director Tajikistan, based in Dushanbe. Your recruitment and HR matters will be taken up by and with HQ Brussels.  You will be responsible for the team management of approximately 45 people



You will have, via the Country Director, lines of communication with our country office in Dushanbe (country programme management and HRM), our office in Brussels (programme management, institutional fundraising and donor liaison) and our office in Denmark (private fundraising)

Length of contract

This is a 10 month contract, renewal subject to funding and performance.


PATRIP Foundation, KfW Germany

Key tasks

Programme management

  1. Advise and supervise the design of water systems to feed into detailed engineering designs and procurements documents
  2. Manage the in-house and sub-contracted WASH construction works according annual plans
  3. Ensure timely and quality detailed supply and purchase requests to ensure steady supply of materials to the field
  4. Take overall responsibility in fostering teamwork in developing and adhering to annual workplans and village level plans
  5. Develop and manage project quality control systems of materials used and constructed works
  6. Facilitate weekly team meetings to trouble shoot and harmonise
  7. Ensure weekly communication with the ME Afghan team to ensure a country wide approach to WASH
  8. Manage the project budget including expenditure forecasts, and ensure all expenses meet ME standards
  9. Technical and personal coaching of the projects’ team members
  10. Application of our organizational safety and security guidelines
  11. Coordination with relevant government authorities and other (I)NGOs

Reporting & communication

  1. Implement the given monitoring plan and surveys
  2. Write progress reports as per internal and donor requirements in collaboration with HQ Brussels
  3. Monthly meetings with finance administration in Dushanbe and Brussels and regular provision of input into the financial reporting
  4. Provision of information as per need in audits and evaluation of the projects that are part of this programme

Programme development

  1. Promote project sustainability through training of water user groups in budgeting and maintenance
  2. Promote inclusion of women, elderly and people with disabilities
  3. Ensure appropriate standards and evidence-based methods for WASH and DRR (SPHERE, PHAST, CHAST, BEHAVE, etc.).
  4. Steer assessments for the development of new project proposals related to WASH and DRR
  5. Contribute to Mission East’s policy and position papers on WASH and DRR as per need.

Office and HR management

Support to the operation of our sub-offices in Dashtak and Nusai, with administrative and financial oversight on matters such as recruitment and procurement procedure, vehicle allocation, resource distribution, staff timings and contributions etc.



Mission East expects her staff to perform other reasonable tasks, in cases of need, as required.

Qualifications, skills and experience

We are in search of a manager with a higher education qualification (degree or equivalent) in engineering related to WASH, with at least 7 years management experience.  We expect the candidates applying to have:

  • Excellent programme management and human resource management skills
  • Experience in a WASH programme in a developing country
  • Knowledge of humanitarian standards such as SPHERE and CHS
  • Excellent technical skills (educational qualification) and experience in WASH
  • Experience in DRR is an advantage
  • Understanding of public health & WASH, and community driven approaches to WASH
  • Well-developed personal management skills: you are able to motivate yourself, be pro-active and creative and to keep yourself at ease in remote, isolated areas

If lacking knowledge in one of these fields, the candidate should come with a concrete plan how to upgrade knowledge within a very short timeframe.

We also expect the candidates to:

  • Master English fluently, both in speaking and in writing and preferably has at least a basic understanding of Russian, Tajik and/ or Dari
  • Be proficient in the use of Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Sympathize with and align to our organizational identity and our values

Experience in working in remote areas, in sensitive security environments and having worked in Central Asia are an advantage.

Application Procedure

Deadline for submissions is 18 September 2019. Please note that early applications are welcomed and will be processed as they come in with the aim of identifying a qualified candidate as early as possible.

Please ensure that all sections of the online application form are fully answered as candidates will be initially screened using data submitted on the online form.