U.S. nationals: Deputy Director (Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance)

U.S. Department of the Interior
Washington, DC, United States
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Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.


Department of the Interior structures its SES positions into categories to determine the minimum pay for each position.  This is a Category 4 position.  The minimum pay for this position is $148,267.00.  Pay is set based on consideration of the selectee's current salary and other factors.
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The Department of the Interior:

  • **Manages one in every five acres of land in the United States.
  • **Operates more than 800 dams and irrigation facilities.
  • **Oversees water projects that irrigate lands generating 60 percent of our Nation's vegetables.
  • **Manages lands and waters that generate one-third of the Nation's domestic energy supply.
  • **Undertakes research and provides scientific information to advance our knowledge of our surroundings.
  • **Serves American Indians, Alaska Natives, and affiliated island communities.
  • **Works with States to restore abandoned mine land sites and protects communities.
  • **Manages 388 national park units and 542 wildlife refuges.
  • **Employs over 75,000 individuals at approximately 2,400 locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. territories, and freely associated states who work with thousands of state, local, and public interest groups to help cities and towns address their natural resource needs. 

The security clearance requirement is not a prerequisite to apply for this position. The incumbent of this position, must possess the ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret. 

This position is eligible for situation telework only.

Veterans preference does not apply to the Senior Executive Service (SES).

The incumbent serves as Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance. The office is responsible for reviewing and analyzing certain public works, land applications, and related projects that affect natural and environmental resources, and which are proposed by the Department and other Federal agencies. Objectives of the review are to determine whether projects are in conformance with adopted comprehensive plans, whether they are formulated in accordance with applicable evaluation procedures, and whether they represent the full and balanced interests of the Department.

The position requires a broad knowledge of Federal and non—Federal programs concerned with natural resources and environmental impact issues, an understanding of the Department’s aims and goals for ensuring the widest range of beneficial uses of the environment without undesirable or unintended consequences, and a comprehensive knowledge of the policies, aims, and objectives of the Department’s program of conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources, and the conduct of basic and applied research relating thereto.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Serves as full deputy to the Director, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance and, as such, participates in all aspects of Office activity, including the management and direction of the Office’s professional staff. Serves as Acting Director in the absence of the Director.

The incumbent is on 24-hour call for providing support to DOI responsibilities to the National Response Framework, National Disaster Recovery Framework, and Regional Response systems under the National Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Response Plan (NCP).

As directed by leadership, the incumbent conducts or leads interdisciplinary studies of Departmental programs or policies to provide factual or predictive information upon which broad policies or programs will be instituted, expanded, or terminated.

Provides technical leadership necessary to direct and coordinate substantive review of a wide variety of complex proposals, projects, and programs affecting natural, environmental, and cultural resources related to the mission of the Department.

Reviews and recommends to leadership program areas, management processes, and issues for which in-depth analysis or special studies should be made. Such analysis includes the evaluations of national, regional, or other needs; program objectives and goals; alternative approaches to meeting objectives and goals which would produce the same or greater benefit at the same or lesser environmental and economic cost; and Departmental and Office priorities. Coordinates and directs broad cross-bureau and interagency evaluation and in-depth studies.

Keeps abreast of natural resource policies and objectives of the Administration and other Federal, State and tribal agencies. Represents the Office and the Department to external entities including Federal, State, tribal agencies, private sector firms, and non-Governmental organizations. Consults and negotiates with senior officials concerning differing views, accuracy and adequacy of agreement with policies, and proposed revisions to programs area.

Provides professional leadership, advice, and assistance on the identification, development, and evaluation of program policies to bureau and office heads, the Assistant Secretaries, the Deputy Secretary, and the Secretary.