Assistant Professor in Flow Dynamics and Mass Transfer in Water Treatment (Tenure Track)

Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen, Netherlands
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University/Academia/Research/Think tank
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Not Specified
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Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Do you want to work on the great challenges that society is facing in the next decades, focused around and on nature based solutions? Would you like to work in an interdisciplinary environment, expressed by the presence of scientists with different backgrounds and by the cooperation of groups with different scientific or disciplinary signatures?

Wageningen University has a growing number of students and are expanding their research scope to address contemporary challenges in times of global change. The university chooses to strengthen the focus area in Civil Engineering on the topic of Fluid Mechanics, embedded in the Environmental Technology (ETE) group, as part of the national sector plan in natural sciences and technology. WU focusses herein strongly on flow dynamics and mass transfer limitations in facilities that treat waste streams with high concentrations of particulate matter.

The background of this focus is that societies more and more strive for circular resource management in which waste streams from sanitation and from industrial and agro-industrial origins, are no longer considered as waste streams, but as resources. From these, valuable products such as water, nutrients, organic and mineral solids, and energy can and must be recovered for reuse. The societal transition towards a circular economy will cause infrastructural changes to be implemented step by step in the coming decades. Wageningen University & Research and ETE have been front running in novel waste water technologies and infrastructure for 55 years and now also aims to further invest into these new developments. These new recovery approaches demand for changes in sewer-pipeline infrastructure and waste water treatment facilities able to cope with concentrated particulate matter fluidized in water. The understanding of these "sludgy", suspended and multiphase flows is the focus of this sector plan position for urban waste and water at WU. The flow dynamics and mass transfer processes in these resource recovery enabling waste water treatment reactors, are different from conventional waste water treatment facilities, as the influent has a much higher concentration in suspended solids or multiphase materials. Also the medium inside the reactors is of a granular suspended nature or has concentrated flocculent sludge characteristics.

In a challenging career trajectory you are, as Assistant Professor in the field of Flow dynamics and mass transfer in treatment facilities for concentrated waste waters responsible for the organization, implementation and coordination of new research activities in the field of flow dynamics and mass transfer processes in resource recovery enabling waste water treatment reactors, to devlop new fundamental insights in research and bring that into under-graduate and graduate teaching programs. In this position you will be motivating and teaching students, support their graduation tracks and develop new courses. Training and coaching is provided for the Assistant Professor to accomplish all this.

Specific Requirements

As Assistant Professor you are an ambitious and enthusiastic scientist and a team player, devoted to research and education in Environmental Technology

You also have:

  • a successfully completed academic study (MSc level; recognized in The Netherlands) in Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering or related fields;
  • a PhD in Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering or related fields;
  • knowledge and expertise in wastewater treatment;
  • ample experience with management of complex projects;
  • an adequate ability to acquire research funding;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • didactic qualities and enthusiasm for teaching and working with students.

Information Tenure track Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen University offers talented young scientists a challenging new career trajectory, the Tenure track. By introducing this trajectory, our aim, is to attract top talent and to stimulate excellence.
From the position of Assistant Professor, candidates can grow into a Professor holding a personal chair in a maximum period of twelve years. In addition, they will be given the chance to build up their own research line. It goes without saying that candidates will be intensively supervised and coached during the trajectory. Moreover, this transparant career path can lead to a permanent employment contract.
As we will be selecting only candidates of high potential to take part in the Tenure Track trajectory, for all participating candidates, this will be a good stepping stone to a further career within Wageningen University & Research or elsewhere.
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