Leishmaniasis, Vector-Borne Disease and WASH Regional Needs Assessment Consultant

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MENTOR Initiative
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Please note: this job post has expired! To the best of our knowledge, this job is no longer available and this page remains here for archival purposes only.

Location: nationwide, but with focus on assessment of areas with identified humanitarian needs (displacement, conflict, poor urban areas of reconstruction/recovery etc)

Reports To: MENTOR Middle East - Regional Manager

The MENTOR Initiative is a charitable ‘not for profit’ organisation, with headquarters based in Haywards Heath, UK, and works in over 9 countries across the world. We have been providing assistance to national and international partners, working in humanitarian crises in delivering effective vector-borne disease and other NTD control interventions for surveillance, prevention, case management, and operational research, and building the technical capacity of partner organisations, since 2002. The goal of MENTOR is ultimately to reduce the burden of priority tropical diseases on emergency affected populations. Our work in the Middle East is in response to the epidemic scale and spread of leishmaniasis in the northern parts of Syria, southern Turkey, southern Iraq, and Lebanon resulting from conflict, destruction and mass population displacement. What was an endemic disease country by country prior to the outbreak of conflicts, has now become the most prevalent communicable disease within the region.

The MENTOR Middle East Mission has developed a three-pronged approach to tackling leishmaniasis in the region to include: Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) and Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL) prevention, medical treatment and IEC activities. In so doing MENTOR has to date reached up to 4 million beneficiaries annually, and treated approximately 150,000 new cases since 2013. Due to the present security situation and border closures between Syria and Turkey, as well as difficulty in traveling to southern Iraq and Lebanon, MENTOR ME has chosen to manage its ME operations from the central location of Gaziantep, Turkey.

Position Summary

MENTOR seeks a Market Assessment (Short-Term) Consultant to assist its Middle East Mission with identifying vulnerable communities suffering or at great risk of, leishmaniasis and other priority vector-borne diseases, such as ectoparasitic born diseases in camp settings; diarrhoeal disease (transmitted by flies as well as water/faecal oral route) across the country. While primarily focusing on the burden of leishmaniasis, the consultant will be expected to seek out other opportunities for MENTOR to bring its considerable VBD and WASH expertise to address communicable diseases of public health importance.

The consultant will collate data from multiple sources, and to the extent possible with available data, map (disease risk / burden governorates / districts etc) the burden of CL/VL and other relevant VBDs/NTDs across areas of Iraq considered to be affected by humanitarian crises of one sort of another, and will also identify and map security risk level as well as any other key factors that may affect disease risk, such as displacement, malnutrition, health service access etc. He/she will be entrusted with ascertaining information and developing the above assessment parameters utilizing national MoH disease programme data, local MoH/UN data sets, NGO data sets, through to validation at PHC level where needed, collecting primary and secondary indicators, and ancillary data. This might include obtaining data for: CL/VL (or other identified priority VBDs/NTDs) incident and prevalent case numbers; PHC all cause attendance numbers; attendance for “other disease”; and / or attendance for irregular fever or skin problems. The consultant will apply the same methodology to assessing any other vector-borne or WASH associated diseases of public health importance that aren’t being adequately addressed.

Position Description

The consultant will report to the Regional Manager (RM) to answer the question: “Is there a present/future market for MENTOR services in Iraq?”

Services include:

  • Drug & Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) importation and distribution
  • CL/VL medical / diagnosis & treatment training
  • CL/VL prevention / IRS campaigns
  • Targeted / multi-media IEC & BCC
  • Other VBD/NTD case management or / and prevention
  • WASH interventions and activities

Phase One (Iraq Field Assessment / Months 0-2):

The consultant will report to the Regional Manager (RM) providing his / her assessment of the market by providing:

  • Leishmaniasis, other priority VBD/NTD cases by geography
  • Political issues relative to providing MENTOR services in high risk/burden geographies
  • Legal & legislative issues (includes registration) involved with providing such services
  • Opportunities & Threats in target geographies
  • Implication of market assessment on new program development

The consultant will report to the Regional Manager (RM) providing his / her assessment of service provision by identifying:

  • Overview of Public Health, Infectious Disease, Neglected Tropical Disease prevention and treatment capacity in targeted geographies
  • Existing competitors / strategic allies in target geographies
  • Strategies used by competitors
  • Major strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Entry barriers for MENTOR
  • Existing or future alternative solutions to MENTOR offering
  • Implications on service provision on new program development

Phase Two (Entry Strategy & Business Plan Development / Month 3):

The consultant will report to the Regional Manager (RM) providing his / her recommendation for highest probability Iraq entry strategy / new business development strategy encompassing:

  • Overall goal of business plan
  • Key objectives to be met to attain the goal
  • Financial requirements / ROM budget in support of above
  • Recommended organizational structure to execute start up
  • Required cultural knowledge ~ management approach to achieve above
  • Key networking and relationship building required
  • IEC / BCC marketing mix


  • Middle Eastern national
  • MBA and / or significant start-up business experience & MPH w/ significant humanitarian assistance (donor funded) field, health, management experience
  • Arabic (written & spoken) native speaker; English (written & spoken) fluent
  • Able to work in a post-conflict, high personal risk environment
  • Seeking to make a contribution

How to apply:

Send CV and letter of motivation to recruitment@mentor-initiative.net

Applications sent without a letter of motivation will not be considered