Swiss funding to take Josh's Water Jobs to the next level (and a call for matching donors)

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So, all the hard work has paid off... and it’s been an eventful time for JWJ! After launching our recruitment services earlier this month, we are super excited to share that the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has generously decided to make a major contribution to the functioning and expansion of the website for the next 18 months.

This is not funding to maintain the status quo, but to take the website to the next level. Not only will the funding allow us to make technological improvements to the site and increase its functionality, but also significantly expand the programming and resources that we offer. All with the goal to enhance water professionals’ career development and connect more people to more jobs, especially in developing countries.

A short preview of what is next:

  1. The inclusion of member profiles, a way to apply for jobs via the website, for me to know who’s looking for jobs and for organizations to seek their own talent;
  2. A more active weekly blog that will focus on career development;
  3. Launch a webinar series, partnering with various organizations to conduct webinars around specific subjects related to career development;
  4. JWJ will develop its own consultant roster whereby it can facilitate consultants finding work through curated requests along with the eventual creation of a platform where consultants can meet one another to apply as teams for request for proposals;
  5. Develop additional databases, which could include trainings, events, MOOCs, calls for abstracts and organizational profiles that are linked to open positions; and
  6. JWJ will provide resources/guidance for CV development, communicating with employers, job interviews, networking, etc.

This does not mean that those of you who are contributing to the website are not needed anymore. Quite the contrary! Per SDC rules, they can only fund 50% of our budget, so this means we need to match their funds with other contributions.

  1. For individuals, your contributions are always most welcome and the ways you can give are lined out here. Every bit helps!
  2. For organizations and companies, please contact me directly ( if you would like to help sponsor the website. 

We’re looking forward to engaging with you all further on what has become quite an interesting adventure!


The Swiss funding!

Congratulations! this is really great news to you and to all of us as water professionals. Your work is much appreciated and your effort is much needed in the field of water to both sides whether employers or us seeking employment in water sector.
I wish you continuous success and improvement.


Dear Josh, this is fantastic news! Congrats and thank you!

I am really looking forward to these new features. Count on me if ever I can further support you in these next steps.


New development

This is very good.

Good News

Happy to read these news .....JWJ Deserve the best


Josh this is great to hear. Delighted that your hard work has paid off. All the best for the next exciting stage.


Josh this is great to hear. Delighted that your hard work has paid off. All the best for the next exciting stage.


CONGRATULATIONS, ... Yes, at the end, the HUGE work you are doing paid off ...
It's a nice idea, I'm curious about development ... --))


Excited to witness JWJ’s growth! Congrats!

Congratulations !

Congratulations! This is great news, there is so much potential for JWJ and I am personally really thankful for JWJ, because I found my job via this service!


Excellent!! this is a wonderful contribution to the "water worker" community.
Thank you for all your selfless work!

Well done Josh and

Well done Josh and appreciation to SDC for stepping up and investing in water career development


Great news to hear. Congratulations, thank you for serving us.


Congrats Josh. Your hard work has paid off. I look forward to seeing the rise of JWJ.


Well Deserved for the great work being done by JWJ.


Great News and Congrats

I am pleased to hear this progress and proud about the service of this website. We will continue to stand with you.