2019 Stockholm World Water Week Drinks!

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So, no different than the last two years, we will meet at Capital, which is the rooftop bar (8th floor) of the Scandic Continental hotel (Vasagatan 22), the one that is across the street from the Central Train Station.  

The plan, as usual, is to just take over the place. I will be there starting at 20:00, on Wednesday, 28 August. We usually go until close, which is 1:00, so if you're going to the Royal Banquet, or have other meet ups, there will be plenty of time to drop by after. Everyone pays for their own drinks.

Per the norm, this is open to everyone, so please forward along and bring your friends.

Also, if you would like to make any voluntary contributions for the running of the website, please track me down.

I look forward to seeing you there,