UPDATE: The survey is now closed

Dear all,

In starting to look at taking the website up a notch, we wanted to reach out and do another feedback survey to see where you all are at with the site, how to improve the site and to gather more ideas for elements and functionality that could prove useful for you all in searching for jobs and enhancing your career development. We want to make the site as user-friendly as possible and look to add features that you find useful.

Apologies for the late notice on the venue, but we're all set now... And, not such a surprise in that we will be meeting at Capital, the venue from last year, which is the rooftop bar (8th floor) of the Scandic Continental hotel (Vasagatan 22), the one that is across the street from the Central Train Station.  We have a space reserved starting at 20:00, on Wednesday, 29 August, which is when I will arive.

It's that time of year again where there is a big water meeting and I will organize a night out for drinks so you all can meet one another and I can try to put faces to the names on the website list.  So, on the occasion of the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia, the event will take place at 20:00 on Wednesday, 21 March at BierFass Choperia e Restaurante, which can be found on the lake at Pontão do Lago Sul, s/n - Lote 9 - Lago Sul, Brasília - DF, 71630-970.  We have a reserved area there.  There is a map below.  It will take some fo

Many apologies for the long hiatus from posting jobs.  As mentioned in this morning's email digest, it was mix of a lot of things, but hopefully now back on track to continue with consistent uploading of jobs and weekly emails. 

It is my hope that we will continue to add functionality to the website and addtional activities under JWJ as well. There are some fairly interesting gaps to fill in the career development space and we aim to slowly incorporate them into the website.  So, stay tuned.

Dear All,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Josh's Water Jobs has been put on hiatus. As you've no doubt noticed, neither the website nor the mailing list has received updates for some time now. We had originally expected this to be a short break but unfortunately we do not have an update at this time as to when job listings will start up again.

Thank you for your patience. We hope to be back at it soon, connecting the immense talent in the water community with new career opportunities!

As mentioned a few weeks ago when letting you know about the International Water Resources Association’s (IWRA) World Water Congress that will take place in May/June later this year, I hinted that Josh’s Water Jobs was going to partner with IWRA on a few activities.

Dear all,

IWRA and JWJ will be teaming up in the near future on some initiatives, but I first wanted to highlight an event that IWRA puts on every three years: the World Water Congress.  It is really one of the better quality events that takes place in the water community where, as the theme for this year suggests, science and policy unite.  This is where cutting edge academic work is presented and there is an increasing policy angle to its focus.

Plus, it is in Cancun.  Who can argue with that? 

Dear all,

Josh’s Water Jobs launched a little over 3 months ago and we are very happy with how things are going thus far and look forward to continue to enhance your experience as you search for jobs and look to improve on your career development. 

Since some time has passed and you’ve been using the site for a while now, we thought it the moment to get some feedback to see how we can improve the website.  We want to make the site as user-friendly as possible and look to add features that you find useful.

First note is that we’ve opened up a comment section on the blog, as I’d like you all to engage and participate more on the website itself.  This will be a first small step and we’ll look at adding other mechanisms down the road.  The comments section will be moderated (by me), so please be kind, considerate, on topic with regards to your posts and a bit patient as I won’t always be able to moderate them immediately.

(If you missed part I)

On to the second half of how I came to do what I do in the water community…