About Josh's Water Jobs

Connecting talent with opportunity

Josh’s Water Jobs started in 2011 as an informal listserv of a few dozen friends and colleagues receiving a job posting every month.  As the list grew in size, not only in the number of recipients but also the number of jobs, it became increasingly clear that the list was filling a gap where a website concentrating on international water jobs should have been.  The more people got jobs, the more the initiative to create that website gained momentum, culminating in Josh’s Water Jobs being launched in June of 2016.

The jobs found on the website are related to water and internationally focused. There are two broad categories that are highlighted, namely Water (policy, governance, law, economics, management, finance, advocacy, science, communications, etc.) and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).

The initial phase of the website will focus on what has always been done: connecting people with jobs.  What follows will depend largely on the demand of the site’s users.  Initial ideas from the original listserv group reflected a movement towards enhancing the experience between jobseekers and employers along with the dissemination of information related to career development and what is going on in the water community itself.

Our Team

Josh Newton

Josh Newton, PhD - Founder

Josh Newton is an independent consultant who focuses on global political processes and governance related to water.  Acting as a connector in the international water community, the listserv was another way to add value to the community and mentor others on career development.  You can learn more about Josh on his personal website, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hank VanZile

Hank VanZile - Technical Co-Founder

Hank VanZile is a childhood friend of Josh and a veteran of the web industry. He joined Josh’s Water Jobs in autumn of 2015 to lead the planning and development of JWJ’s new website.  You can learn more about Hank on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Rum Runner Multimedia, Ltd. Co.

The Josh’s Water Jobs logo was graciously provided by another of Josh and Hank’s childhood friends: Craig Stender, owner of Rum Runner Multimedia Ltd. Co. in Essex Junction, Vermont.